Stronger is on sale for a limited time

Stronger is my 1st Contemporary Romance novel. Fall in ♥️with Regan and Grayson. On sale for 0.99

In the blink of an eye,
It’s all gone.

As an ER nurse, I’m prepared for anything,
But not this,
Not him,
Lying there with no vitals,
Barely hanging on.

I can’t do this,
Can’t face it.
The only person who understands is Grayson,
His best friend,
But his arms aren’t meant for me.

My best friend.
I would’ve done anything for him,
No questions asked.

And watching Regan crumble,
I have to help,
Have to reach out.

She’s always had my heart,
Even when it was forbidden.
But now, in our pain and loss,
I know we both feel something stronger.

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